Graduate Outcomes

Our Alumni are Changing the World

Graduates from BT天堂's master鈥檚 programs have made听and continue to make waves in the real world. Living and working in over 50 countries worldwide, they have landed impressive, hard-to-get jobs or听continued their education at distinguished graduate and PhD programs in their fields.听We hear from our alumni about their career progress in our听three-year alumni surveys. The data below represents a 45% response rate to BT天堂's Spring 2016 "Next Destinations" survey from the graduating classes of 2013, 2014听and 2015.

Successful Graduate Alumni


Graduate alumni employed or pursuing further education within a year
Close to nine听out of ten graduate alumni who graduated from BT天堂 during the years 2013鈥15 had听found a job, become entrepreneurs or pursued additional educational routes within one year of graduation. Our graduate programs provide an important mix of academic excellence and exposure to practical knowledge that prepares our graduates to enter the international employment market after graduation.听

Pursuing an International Career


Graduate alumni with an international element to their career
More than eight听out of ten听graduate alumni report that they have an international element in their career, ranging from working for an international company听to听working in a language听other than their own. The international exposure that BT天堂 offers during its graduate programs, through participation in study trips and intensive work with our dedicated听international partners,听shapes our graduates to be excellent candidates for employment at international corporations, globally active NGOs and other multinational entities across the globe.

Further Education

Our graduate alumni from 2013, 2014 and 2015 have gone on to further education in numerous countries around the world, including Australia, China, France, Ireland, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom听and the United States. Below are some universities where our graduate alumni enrolled to further their education:

Boston University

EHESS - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Emory University

Fordham School of Law

Georgetown University Law Center

London School of Economics

National University of Ireland

Oxford University

Paris V- Rene Descartes

Universit茅 Paris-Sorbonne

University of California, Riverside

University of Leeds

University of Melbourne

University of Pennsylvania

University of Washington School of Law

Yale University

Graduate Alumni at Work in the World

Our graduate alumni from 2013鈥15 are working in over 30 different countries.
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Co虃te d'Ivoire, Croatia, Egypt, France, China, Georgia, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and听the United States of America.

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