MSc in International Management Faculty

We offer a small, intimate program with a great deal of faculty interaction.

Robert Earhart Program Director

The greatest academic strength of BT天堂鈥檚 graduate programs is the vibrant nexus between teaching and research. The typical twenty-student classroom encourages extraordinary intellectual interactivity between faculty and students, an exchange reinforced by our proactive student advising system. In addition to animated exchange between faculty and students in the classroom, professors forge close mentorships听with the graduate cohort. This exceptional relationship between faculty and students and its positive impact on teaching received a special commendation from the Middle States Association in their 2010 Accreditation Report.

The faculty of the International Management Department represent extensive professional experience gained within the worlds of law, business, public policy, finance and academia. Their research and expertise translate into a number of peer-reviewed articles, books and conference appearances annually.

At the graduate level, our research assistantship program provides an opportunity for young scholars to work closely with their faculty mentors on publication projects in the discipline.

Faculty Highlights

Selected Achievements

Cath, A. (2017)听Post Formalism, Pedagogy Lives: As inspired by Joe L. Kincheloe.听Jansen, H. and听Letiche, H (Eds.). Switzerland:听Peter Lang Publishing

Einbinder, F.听(2016) 'Integrity and Transparency in public-private infrastructure partnerships'. UNECE听Implementing the UN听2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through effective, people-first Public-Private Partnerships, Geneva, March 30 - April 1 2016

Odonkor, E. 'The Missing Pieces: Improving Children鈥檚 Education in Ghana'. 7th Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Conference, Kiebach Center for International Business Studies Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 2016

Perry, S. and Roda, C.听(2016)听Human Rights and Digital Technology: Digital Tightrope. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK

Ryman, R.听(2012) U.S. Aid Falls Short in the Social, Political and Economic Advancement of Afghan Women.听International Journal of Peace and Development Studies,听Vol.3 (6), 107-111

Zhang, K. Y.听and Rienties, B. (2016). Cultural and academic adjustment of international students in China: A social network perspective, In Jindal-Snape, D. & Rienties, B. (Eds.), Multi-dimensional transitions of international students to higher education.听London:听Routledge

Your Faculty

  • Suzanne Bodevin

    Assistant Professor

  • Albert Cath

    Assistant Professor, Program Director, MSc in International Management

  • Robert Earhart

    Associate Professor

  • Fred Einbinder

    Associate Professor

  • Jean-luc Moriceau

    Senior Lecturer

  • Evelyn Odonkor

    Assistant Professor

  • Rene Ryman

    Assistant Professor

  • James Noel Ward

    Assistant Professor

  • Kate-yue Zhang

    Associate Professor