Apply for graduate school

BT天堂 offers unique interdisciplinary graduate programs, excellent faculty, and the opportunity to build professional networks in Paris. Our graduate students bring a diversity of experience that adds to the truly global nature of BT天堂.

If it鈥檚 your ambition to make or enhance your place in the worlds of culture, commerce, academia, or civil service, BT天堂 is an unparalleled next step.

Application procedures

BT天堂 accepts graduate studies applications year round for both fall and spring admission for some programs. Admission requirements and procedures vary slightly by program, so make sure to verify the admissions requirements and deadlines for your program. Find out how to apply.

Financial awards听and scholarships

Our听tuition and costs听are competitive with those of small, selective universities in the United States, and we offer听need- and merit-based grants听that make a graduate degree at BT天堂 more affordable.

Visit us

We offer campus tours three times a week:听sign up for a tour today.

If you aren't able to visit Paris in person, join us from home through our Online Campus Tour or participate in one of our听Online Information Sessions (OIS).

Get in touch with your program

Our Graduate Admissions Office comprises dedicated counselors with international backgrounds like yours. They work directly with you on your application and are available to answer any questions that you may have about our University.

Our Graduate Program Directors are also available to discuss any academic questions and goals directly with you. If you have not previously been in touch with us and want to find out more about BT天堂, please听send us a request for information听and the admissions counselor for your area will get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!