42 Credit Programs

Tuition & costs for the MSc in Human Rights and Data Science

Program Timeline I*

You should consider the program timeline carefully, keeping track of the overall required credits for the degree. Tuition will change for the 2025-2026 academic year and any deviation from the timeline below means that the estimated cost could change as well. This is the recommended timeline.

Please note in this timeline there is no teaching in Summer 2025.

16 credits 16 credits 10 credits

*It is important to remember that if you follow the timeline above, you will not be registered during the Summer Session and will therefore not be eligible for any Federal loans for living expenses between June and August included.

** Special arrangements may be made with the Program Director for earlier graduation at the end of the summer semester.听

Program Timeline I: Fall Entry

Graduate Per-Credit Tuition (2024-2025): 鈧1,078 per credit

Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Fall 2025** Total Program
Tuition 鈧17,248 鈧17,248 鈧10,780 鈧45,276
Health Fees* 鈧640 鈧640 鈧640 鈧1,920
Orientation Fees*** 鈧500 0 0 鈧500
Total Tuition and Fees** 鈧18,388 鈧17,888 鈧11,420 鈧47,696

*Health fees are subject to minor changes.

***This Orientation fee cannot be covered by US Federal Loans

Estimated living expenses

The estimated living expenses below are calculated for September through December the following year. 听No costs have been included for Summer 2025. Living expenses can vary depending on the individual.

Fall 2024 Spring 2025 Fall 2025* Total Program
Housing + Utilities and Wifi 鈧5,400 鈧6,750 鈧5,400 鈧17,550
Travel - Airfare 鈧900 鈧900 鈧900 鈧2,700
Local Transportation 鈧350 0 鈧350 鈧700
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment 鈧400 鈧400 鈧250 鈧1,050
Groceries 鈧2,000 鈧2,500 鈧2,000 鈧6,500
Phone 鈧80 鈧100 鈧80 鈧260
Miscellaneous personal expenses 鈧1,095 鈧1,250 鈧1,095 鈧3,440
Total Estimated Living Expenses 鈧10,225 鈧11,900 鈧10,075 鈧32,200
Estimated Tuition + Living Expenses 鈧28,163 鈧29,788 鈧21,495 鈧79,896

*Tuition and estimated living expenses for the future academic year are subject to change.