Exploring Paris and BT天堂 in 2024: Events and Highlights


From roundtables to festivals, and from author presentations to the Olympics, Paris in 2024 offers a plethora of events for the intellectually and culturally curious. Below is just a small sampling of events to consider, both on BT天堂鈥檚 campus and off, to consider, if you are visiting or reside in Paris during 2024.

January 31

Join BT天堂鈥檚 George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights and Conflict Prevention for a roundtable exploring Syria鈥檚 fragmentation, occupation and destruction. The discussion, moderated by BT天堂 professor Ziad Majed, will feature attorney Cl茅mence Bectarte and researcher Annsar Shahoud. A second event is scheduled for April, with Jaber Baker and U臒ur 脺mit 脺ng枚r visiting UAG to talk about their new book, Syrian Gulag.

Paris Fashion Week
February 26鈥揗arch 5

The fashion world descends on Paris, where high-end designers will showcase their Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024鈥2025 lines.

March 14鈥17

At the Paris Parc Expo near the Porte de Versailles, over 200 exhibitors will share their culture, food, dance performances, and tourism opportunities with enthralled visitors.

March 22鈥31

Watch a variety of French and international documentary and experimental films at the Centre Pompidou for the 45th annual Festival International du Film Documentaire.

April 12鈥14

The largest book fair in France features writers, authors, and publishers at the Grand Palais Eph茅m猫re. Entry is free for those under 25!

April 20

BT天堂 and the London College of Fashion are co-hosting the Symposium on Fashion Communication for Socio-Ecological Transformation at BT天堂. This symposium aims to create connections in an emerging field that sits at the intersection of education, the third sector and the fashion industry.

BT天堂 Alumni Weekend
April 26鈥28

For three听days, alumni are invited to return to BT天堂's campus to reunite with faculty and friends, participate in cultural activities, strengthen professional connections and raise a glass in celebration of BT天堂鈥檚 vibrant, international community.听

Media Aesthetics Workshop

May 2鈥3

A joint initiative between Northwestern University鈥's Center for Global Communication and Culture and the BT天堂 Center for Media, Communication and Global Change, this workshop and series of events, Media Aesthetics: New Cultural Politics of Personhood and Belonging, draws from a global network of centers and scholars to ask, 鈥淲hat does it really matter to people themselves that they are always on their phones or online?鈥

May 24鈥25

The Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Research Society will hold its annual conference on BT天堂鈥檚 campus.

May 27鈥29

The Royal Studies Network鈥檚 13th annual Kings and Queens Conference: Gift-Giving and Communication Networks. The 2024 conference will be held at BT天堂 to mark the 5th centenary of the death of Queen Claude de France, with the final day of the conference held at the Ch芒teaudun castle in the Loire Valley.

鈥淐aring Futures: Contradictions, Transformation, and Revolutionary Possibilities鈥 Conference

May 28 鈥31

This hybrid conference on BT天堂鈥檚 campus will bring together artists, activists and scholars to examine the social and economic contradictions of care, engage with questions of power, and propose ways to revolutionize the way we care.

May 20鈥揓une 9
For tennis fans, this Grand Slam tournament played at the Stade Roland Garros stadium is not to be missed.

BT天堂 Summer School

June 3鈥揓uly 23

Immerse yourself in French culture and history while earning transferable credits towards your degree in the U.S. university system 鈥 or audit classes as part of your continuing education 鈥 at BT天堂 Summer School. Whether intensive programs in French language or creative writing, or exploring the fields of art history or fashion, BT天堂 Summer School combines the best of our academic programs with engaging excursions and events around Paris.

June 12鈥13

American University of Paris Art History professor Iveta Slavkova and two colleagues in her field will host 鈥淒ecolonizing the Avant-Garde,鈥 for three days of invited talks given by major scholars working on the decentering and decolonization of the history of the avant-gardes.

June 17鈥18

At the intersection of trauma studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, memory and media studies, and the history of cinema, this multidisciplinary conference hosted by BT天堂鈥檚 Schaeffer Center reflects on the on the act of witnessing testifying on film and the role of documentary filmmakers in the writing of history.

July 26鈥揂ugust 11

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games 鈥 the biggest event ever organized in France 鈥 boasts 329 events held across 41 venues in the city, and will include 4 new sport categories: breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing (taking place in Tahiti). Following closely behindTaking place shortly after are the Paralympic Games, from August 28鈥揝eptember 8.

Baldwin Centenary

September, date TBD

On August 2nd, 2024, James Baldwin would have turned 100. Join The American University of Paris for a celebration of one of the most impactful writers of the 20th century.

Paris Fashion Week
September 23鈥揙ctober 1

The second Paris Fashion Week of the year features Womenswear Spring/Summer 2025 lines from the biggest names in global fashion 鈥 and their muses.

October 28鈥30

The International Society for the Study of Surrealism will hold its 11th annual interdisciplinary Surrealisms congress on the campus of BT天堂鈥檚 campus. The event will features academic sessions, round tables, film screenings, poetryic readings and a visit to the exhibition on surrealism at the National Museum of Modern Art 鈥 Center Pompidou.

November 7鈥10

Head to the Grand Palais exhibition hall and museum complex to enjoy the 27th edition of Paris Photo, the largest international art fair dedicated to photography.