March 15 Faculty Activity Reports due to Departments鈥 Chairs
April 15 Faculty Annual Interviews with Chairs completed
May 15 Departmental Reports to be sent to Dean and Provost for review
May 10 Institutional Outcomes Assessment Day 鈥 attended by President, Leadership Team, heads of all departments, programs and units; open to the entire BT天堂 community
July 15 Units reports to be sent to Dean and Provost for review
December 30 Dean鈥檚 Annual Institutional Effectiveness Report to Leadership Team

Yearly Survey Calendar




Fall course evaluations reports

Fall Module Evaluation report

Fall Cultural Program Evaluations Report

Spring Module Evaluation deployed

Spring Cultural Program Evaluations deployed

FirstBridge Fall and Spring Semester Beginning and Concluding Survey reports sent to FirstBridge Coordinator

FirstBridge beginning Spring semester survey deployed

Spring Entry and Orientation survey deployed

Data for BoT meeting (President鈥檚 Dashboard Updates and Vitality Report update with President鈥檚 CoS)

Spring Enrollment and FTE Pre-Census Figures released.

Pre-registration reports

Common Dataset for Ranking agencies

鈥淯ncommon Dataset鈥 for Ranking Agencies


Peterson鈥檚 Undergraduate survey

Peterson鈥檚 UG Financial Aid Surveys

Wintergreen Orchard House Survey

Final CENSUS Spring enrollment and FTE figures (5th Monday of Term)

Student enrollment predictions for 3 years plan


Rectorat Enqu锚te annuelle libre

Rectorat Enqu锚te annuelle technique

Spring Entry and Orientation survey report

Update Departmental Dashboards on Power BI听


AAICU annual survey

ACT-ACT institutional data

Peterson鈥檚 graduate survey (institution and grad school)

Peterson鈥檚 interim expenses for undergraduate

Times Higher Education Surveys

Information Literacy Survey deployed 鈥 (run by Library)

Final update of student enrollment predictions for 3-year plan

FirstBridge Concluding Spring semester survey deployed


HEDS Senior Survey deployed

College Board Survey

Spring course evaluations deployed

Information Literacy Survey data analysis 鈥 (run by Library)


Spring Course Evaluations Report

Spring Module Evaluations Report

Spring Cultural Program Evaluations Report

Information Literacy Survey report 鈥 (run by Library)听


Summer course evaluations deployed

Exit Survey report


Middle States Annual Institutional Update

Summer course evaluations reports

HEDS Senior Survey report

HEDS Alumni Survey deployed


Fall Module Evaluation deployed

Fall Cultural Program Evaluations deployed

Fall Entry and Orientation survey deployed

FirstBridge beginning Fall semester survey deployed

Staff & Faculty Languages and Nationality Survey deployed

Institutional Effectiveness Report

Vitality Report and President鈥檚 Dashboard update

Special Board Reporting for President and Leadership Team


Fall Enrollment and FTE figures 鈥 Census

Staff & Faculty Languages and Nationality Survey data analysis and integration into President鈥檚 Dashboard on Power BI听

Student enrollment predictions for 3 years plan听


FirstBridge concluding Fall semester survey deployed

Fall Entry and Orientation survey report


Fall course evaluations deployed

Rectorat Enqu锚te 26