Academic Policies and Procedures

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听is听a compilation of policies, regulations, and procedures that govern the University鈥檚 academic community. The information in the Academic Catalog is to be used as a resource and guide to students from their arrival through their graduation. The Academic Catalog is regularly updated and easily accessible to all members of the BT天堂 community. Please听contact the Office of Academic Affairs听with any questions about this document.

Course catalog

You can peruse all of the courses available at The American University of Paris by visiting听.

The course catalog is a detailed, descriptive list of all courses offered at BT天堂. To consult the semester course offering with most recent course descriptions and class schedules, please select the 鈥淪chedule鈥 tab within the menu bar. The course catalog is complemented by the document 鈥淏T天堂 General Information, Policies and听Procedures,鈥 which provides an introduction to the BT天堂 educational system and guidelines to academic and administrative regulations.

Degree requirements for the different majors, minors and graduate programs offered at BT天堂听can be found on听the respective departmental websites.

Course numbering system

Courses numbered from 1000鈥2099 are introductory courses or courses normally taken in the first and second听years. Courses numbered听from 3000鈥3099 are normally taken in the junior and senior years. Courses numbered from 4000鈥4099 are senior-level courses.

Credit hour policy

In accordance with US Federal Government guidelines, The American University of Paris defines the credit hour as:

An amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified by evidence of student achievement that is an institutionally established equivalency that reasonably approximates not less than:

(1) one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two additional hours of student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester or trimester hour of credit, or ten to twelve weeks for one quarter hour of credit, or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time; or

(2) at least an equivalent amount of work as required in paragraph (1) of this definition for other academic activities as established by the institution including laboratory work, internships, practica, studio work, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours.

For more information on our credit hour policy, please consult our credit hour policy brochure [pdf].


Students must make certain that they have the necessary prerequisites for each course. Failure to do so may result in inadequate preparation and thus听failure of the course. Prerequisites are indicated at the end of each course description.

Note: The University reserves the right to cancel courses that have insufficient enrollment. The curriculum may also be subject to change as a result of ongoing curricular revisions and program development.