How to Apply: Independent Study Abroad

Our application process is simple and straightforward: submit your information, send us your supporting documents, and receive your admission decision within three weeks.

If you鈥檙e not enrolled in one of our partner schools, you can听apply directly online听by following the instructions below.

Application deadlines

We review completed applications in rounds throughout the year. You are encouraged to apply early: priority for admission is given in earlier rounds.

Fall Admission
Round 1 by 15 November
Round 2 by 1 February
Round 3 by 15 March
Round 4 by 1 June
Final Round after 1 June

Spring Admission
Round 1 by 1 October
Round 2 by 15 November
Round 3 after 15 November

Application requirements鈥攚hat you need to submit to us

A successful application to The American University of Paris requires several supporting documents and sometimes tests.

Online application form

Please complete the听BT天堂 online application听for independent study abroad. There is a 鈧50 processing fee that can be submitted online through the portal or via wire transfer or check.

Personal statements

We ask that you include a 500-word personal statement as part of your application, answering the following prompt:

What attracts you the most about coming to The American University of Paris and how do you believe the experience of living and studying in Paris will change you?

If you are completing the Common Application, use the free-form essay prompt included to answer the above question. If you are using the BT天堂 Application Portal, you can upload your essay as part of your online application.


Applicants should submit a C.V. or resum茅 of (at least) the past five years of university and/or employment history; community, professional, and/or university extracurricular activities; and recognitions and achievements. Your C.V. or resum茅 can be uploaded in .pdf format via the application portal.

Two letters of recommendation

We require two letters of recommendation by persons well-qualified to speak from first-hand knowledge about your skills, accomplishments and personality, with at least one letter from a university professor. Online forms for your recommenders are provided in the BT天堂 Application Portal.

Veteran & Military Applicants: We welcome letters of recommendation from Commanding Officers as they make ideal recommenders.

Transcripts from the past three years of schooling

Transcripts from your last three years of schooling. If you have completed fewer than 45 university semester credits, you must also submit your secondary school transcript. These transcripts must be in English or French, or be accompanied by a certified translation.

English language test

Students must demonstrate sufficient English fluency. If English is not your first language, we require that you submit one of the following tests and that the results be not older than two years.

To schedule a test in your area, please contact one of these language test organizations:

  • : To have your results sent directly to BT天堂, use our institutional code 0866.
  • : To have your results sent directly to BT天堂, use our institutional code 0866.
  • : Academic Option

The English language test requirement is waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are applying from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, or the United States where you have studied in an all-English curriculum for at least two years.
  • You have studied for at least four years in an all-English curriculum in any other country.

We reserve the right to request English test results from any applicant.

Covid-19 Special Measure: As a result of the disruption to English Language Testing caused by Covid-19, BT天堂 is trialing the acceptance of the Duolingo Language Test. The test must have been taken after 20 July 2020 and include sub-scores for the 4 component elements. BT天堂 reserves the right to ask for an alternative English Test.听