Internship Spotlights

The American University of Paris is committed to supporting the professional development of its students. Professional experience in the form of an internship can be a fantastic way to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, to expand on that knowledge, and to build a more competitive CV or resume. In addition to these benefits, students who complete internships learn about themselves. They discover novel jobs and industries. They confirm their longstanding curiosity or interest in a given field, or perhaps realize that what they imagined as their dream job is actually not a good fit. Internships are powerful in that they enable students to explore interests, jobs听and industries鈥痓efore鈥痜inishing a degree.听

We know that internships are important, transformative experiences, and it just so happens that BT天堂 students are doing amazing听things. These BT天堂 intern spotlights听are designed听to offer a behind the scenes look at BT天堂 internship experiences.