BT天堂 student-run publications include Peacock Media, Hibou Magazine, Paris/Atlantic, Roaches, The Lutetian, and Les 顿茅辫补测蝉补苍迟蝉. Each media group is editorially independent, choosing its own direction, development and content. Students are supported by staff and faculty mentors, ensuring that these extracurricular opportunities are both educational and pre-professional.

Want to edit, write, publish stories, host a radio show, produce and direct videos and work with a team of editors and journalists? Find out more by clicking on each publication below.

Peacock Media

One of the University鈥檚 largest student-run organizations, Peacock Media represents the voices of BT天堂 students via the Peacock Plume and its online, print, and digital platforms. Peacock Media is at the heart of BT天堂鈥檚 multicultural, urban campus, dedicated to producing high-quality, professional content that connects students, faculty, alumni, and the world. It encompasses the following platforms:

Peacock Magazine: Peacock Magazine is a print magazine produced each semester by a team of student journalists and photographers. Guided by student editors and a professional faculty advisor, the Peacock Magazine seeks to represent a diverse and international youth culture in Paris through long form op-ed and investigative pieces, with a focus on a variety of topics that range from global politics to food and fashion. The magazine is printed once a semester and available across campus and free to students.

Audio Media: In partnership with World Radio Paris, an BT天堂 student produces 4 one hour radio shows each week for the BT天堂 and anglophone Paris community.

Peacock Plume: The Plume is an online news site that publishes online short-form blogs and articles weekly, covering campus news, lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, and arts and culture. The plume website is also where you can find content from Peacock Magazine and Peacock play.

Peacock Play: Peacock Play is the student-run online video platform of the American University of Paris. The channel produces video journalism and infotainment, including news, interviews, and live coverage of campus events. You can find their videos on the Plume website, YouTube and social media.

differs from other student led publications at BT天堂 in that each semester, students in each of four journalism practica and one radio internship (with World Radio Paris), produce and edit the content for Peacock Media as a part of their preprofessional academic training:

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Peacock Media is overseen by a student led Editorial Board which meets each Wednesday during the semester. Peacock is open to all students enrolled in related courses, regardless of prior media experience.听 While participation in one of the above courses is highly encouraged, Peacock Media also accepts freelance submissions from students outside these courses who can email to contribute content.听

Hibou Magazine

Hibou听Magazine听is a student-run publication听tied to听the History, Law and Society program. The magazine covers academic inquiry alongside听creative writing and poetry. It is designed to create vibrant, nuanced dialogue on far-ranging topic while providing a space for writers of all backgrounds to voice their experiences and investigate social issues. Pieces typically include politics, history, law, philosophy, French culture, and social justice.


Paris/Atlantic is The American University of Paris's student-led literary and creative arts journal,听originally founded in 1982.听The journal provides a platform where new artists can display their work in a printed publication alongside the work of academics and professionals. It showcases听work from students alongside contributions from faculty, staff, and friends of the University. The new issue is published each year in the spring and consists of prose, poetry, visual arts, and everything in between.



Tied to BT天堂鈥檚 Gender, Sexuality and Society program, Roaches is a publication that showcases both academic and creative writing alongside art and design. Roaches connects revolutionary queer, feminist, and race theory with creative activist projects, and provides an inclusive platform to speak on gender, race and LGBTQ+ issues in the BT天堂 Community, the city of Paris, and beyond. Submissions are open to the entire BT天堂 community as well as anyone else who wants to have their work featured.



D脡PAYSANTS is a student-led online art magazine founded at The American University of Paris. We give creative individuals from BT天堂 and Paris a platform to share their work and develop professional portfolios. Our goal is to become a point of intersection for all forms of visual arts, a space without discrimination. We support everything from traditional fine art to contemporary creative forms. Our magazine is an interdisciplinary representation of the innovation and individuality found within Paris.

The Lutetian

The Lutetian is the social sciences journal of the American University of Paris. It represents the work of undergraduate and graduate students and alumni, within a range of departments including Computer Science, Economics, Global Communications, History, International Politics, Business, and Psychology.