Pre-Approval Paperwork

BT天堂 Study Abroad Checklist

Once you have looked through the BT天堂 Study Abroad requirements and have determined that BT天堂 Study Abroad is for you, please move on to our BT天堂听. This checklist will continue to inform and guide you through the start of this exciting journey. Upon completion of the checklist, you will have an opportunity to speak to a Study Abroad Counselor. Providing this essential information on the checklist will ensure that you and the counselor are ready to meet.

External Course Pre-Approval听(ECPA)听Webform听听

Undergraduate students who wish to take courses for credit outside the University 鈥 as part of a study abroad program, during summer school at another university, during a vacation break, or while taking a leave of absence from BT天堂 鈥 must secure听written听permission from the Registrar听prior to taking the intended courses.听Otherwise, these credits may not be approved for transfer back to BT天堂.

To secure written permission, students must use the听External Course Pre-Approval (ECPA)听webform听to apply for approval for the classes to transfer back to BT天堂.听听