IB Students Thrive at BT天堂

At The American University of Paris, we feel an affinity for the IB curriculum. Our flexible liberal arts model and our diverse, adventurous student body mirror the IB experience. As an IB student, you are well placed to take full advantage of the experiences and opportunities available at BT天堂 and in Paris. IB students are among our most active and successful, both inside and outside the classroom.听

Automatic IB Scholarships

Since BT天堂鈥檚 inception, IB students have benefitted from over 鈧650,000 in scholarships. IB Scholarships will be automatically awarded when we receive your official results; you do not need to have applied for needs-based financial awards. These scholarships are based on your official IB Diploma score as follows:

FINAL IB SCORE Scholarship
44 or 45 100% full tuition scholarship
40 to 43 鈧20,000 per year (almost 60% of full-time tuition)
36 to 39 鈧14,000 per year (almost听40% of full-time tuition)
32 to 35 鈧7,000 per year

The IB Advantage

IB students excel at BT天堂. As an IB student, you will have already built a strong foundation on which to begin constructing your pathway through our Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum. IB Diploma candidates receive 32 semester credits for a final IB result of 30 or above. This translates to a full academic year of credit, which makes your BT天堂 education even more affordable. If your full diploma results are 29 or lower, you will earn 8 semester credits for each HL score of 4 or above.听

Fine Print

IB Scholarships are automatic and based on your final diploma score; you do not need to complete a separate application. Official IB results must be submitted to the Admissions Office before the first day of classes of your first semester at BT天堂. IB Scholarships cannot be awarded retroactively or adjusted if you do not notify the 听Admissions Office of your IB results in time, or if you retake part of the exam at a later date.

If you qualify for both an IB Scholarship and another BT天堂 financial award, you will only receive the larger award. The IB Scholarship cannot be combined with any other financial award, although you may apply for awards through BT天堂鈥檚 financial award听program in advance of your official results; you will keep the larger of the two awards.

IB Scholarships are awarded to听degree-seeking students only who are registered full time in the Fall and Spring semesters, and the total annual scholarship is split evenly between the two semesters. Visiting students and students participating in our First Year Abroad programs are ineligible. The award can be pro-rated in a student鈥檚 final semester. To continue receiving the IB Scholarship each year, you must be registered full-time in the Fall and Spring semesters and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.听Please note that the IB Scholarship is only reserved for degree-seeking students at BT天堂.听In addition, students who initially apply to BT天堂 as a Gap Year Visitor are not eligible for the scholarship until the next academic year after initially beginning their studies full-time, even with a change in degree-seeking status before that time.听

The current IB Scholarship scale is in place for the Fall 2022 semester. Please note that current BT天堂 students who have already received an IB Scholarship听prior to Fall 2022 will not have their awards adjusted to the new scale.