Why Give?

Why give to The American University of Paris?

The American University of Paris will always remain true to its original, unique and powerful purpose: to reinvent American liberal arts education for an ever-more-international world. To that end, we have built a 21st-century curriculum that pairs deep learning in the humanities and social sciences with professionally enhancing experiences in real-life settings. BT天堂鈥檚 comparative and cross-cultural curriculum asks students to reflect upon what it means to be human, to live in a world of interdependence, and to act ethically and lead decisively.

BT天堂 brings together leaders, problem solvers, and creators from all over the world to change what it means to be a liberal arts college. On our Parisian campus, at our dynamic research centers and in our vibrant community, we are working to solve the problems of today and produce the leaders of tomorrow. Your gift makes it all possible.

Your impact is immediate

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statistics for the academic year 2020-2021

Your impact is personal

While tuition is a key source of funding for the University, BT天堂 also relies on the support of alumni, parents and friends; their generosity makes an BT天堂 education accessible. Nearly 45% of students rely on financial aid every year, and the benefits of that aid touch every student and community member on campus. With the help of scholarships, grants and annual fundraising, we support the financial needs of promising scholars increasing and sustaining the cultural and economic diversity that makes BT天堂 so special. The average scholarship grant is 鈧9,500.

While large gifts have allowed us to expand our campus and our international outreach, small gifts can also change students鈥 lives. Contributions from alumni, parents, trustees and friends of the University create a safety net for BT天堂 students and ensure they can seize every opportunity, both in their on-campus lives and in their academic journeys here in Paris.

During her undergraduate career at BT天堂, Keti Archaia 鈥17, originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, earned the prestigious BT天堂 Scholar Award based on her exceptional academic achievements in high school and her financial need. Unfortunately, the 75% scholarship awarded through this program was not enough for her to live and study in Paris, but thanks to the generosity of Marc Groothaert 鈥67, she was able to continue her undergraduate studies. We are happy to report that Keti graduated in 2017 with a double major in International and Comparative Politics and Management.

Your impact is global

At the heart of our strategic vision is the extraordinary diversity of thinking, cultures and nationalities represented by BT天堂 students, faculty and staff. Our students represent 105 nationalities and between them speak 65 languages and dialects. Today, BT天堂 alumni are pursuing careers in 145 countries, demonstrating the impact BT天堂 has as our global explorers pursue their work. BT天堂 is for students curious about the world; it鈥檚 a place where they can hone and shape their skills and understanding in order to make a positive change in their communities. Because the University sits at the intersection of so many global academic, professional and cultural networks, we know that the difference we make at BT天堂 will be felt around the world.

Our "A Meaningful Career"聽issue of the BT天堂 Magazine features a sample of the meaningful and global careers that our alumni have undertaken. Whether they have gone on to work in the nongovernmental sector, in renewable energy or in sustainable fashion, alumni have described their educational experiences at BT天堂 as formative and inspiring. By making a gift to scholarships or the Coup du Pouce program, you are directly supporting a student body that will no doubt go on to change the world.