I am thankful for the coach鈥檚 time and effort spent on encouragement, guidance, inspiration and motivation, which has definitely left a mark on me. 鈥 Amir Haddad, BT天堂 Basketball Captain and team member 2013 鈥 2017

Experience BT天堂 Athletics

Try out for our teams competing in leagues and tournaments, and enjoy sports in a structured and goal-oriented, but also cohesive, constructive and inclusive setting.

Team Offerings

Our teams thrive thanks to your passion and creativity. Last year, BT天堂 teams competed in Futsal and Tennis, despite ongoing challenges due to Covid 19. This year, we are looking into bringing back our Volleyball and Basketball teams. Find out more about our current sports offering.

Contact the (PAS Office) for info on tryouts and other questions.

As a member of the team, I learned not only to work with others, but with people from all over the world. This also helped me to learn about living a healthy lifestyle and how to balance my schedules. 鈥 Sarah Louise Keough, BT天堂 Volleyball Captain 2014 鈥 2018

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