BT天堂's bookstore is a nonprofit service to BT天堂 students. Books assigned as required course reading are readily available. You will be able to find all of your book information for the individual courses online via your student portal.听 Just click on 鈥淢y Courses鈥, select the course in question and then 鈥淭extbooks.鈥 Similarly, textbooks should also be visible through the course offering and registration module.听 You will be able to see the title, author, publisher, ISBN, and cost in euros.

We are pleased to announce that we have worked to implement a new pricing strategy.听 This will help to ensure that our prices are competitive with online stores. This allows you the convenience of not having to wait or pay for shipping, while also knowing that you are getting a good deal on your books! For those of you who are interested in reducing costs by purchasing used books, this will continue to be possible for certain courses, however, stock is limited.听The sooner you come to buy your books, the better your chances of getting used books.

As always, book exchanges are free for dropped courses.听 We will continue to offer a limited book buy-back period at the end of every Fall and Spring semester.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the BT天堂 Bookstore!


At the end of Fall and Spring semesters you may sell some of your course books back to the Bookstore. Only the books which appear on the official buyback list are eligible, so make sure you check the list before you come! Verify the book鈥檚 publisher, edition, and ISBN/barcode number match the list.

Please note that we may not be able to buy back your textbook for one of the following reasons:听

  • The professor no longer uses this text.听
  • The course has been dropped from the curriculum.
  • The publisher has advised us of a forthcoming new edition.
  • The textbook has gone out of print.
  • The course is only offered once a year or every other year.听In this case, there is a great chance that the book will be on a future semester鈥檚 buyback list.听
  • Your copy is in an un-saleable condition.
  • We already have a full quota.
  • We cannot buy back photocopies, workbooks that are written in or books with removable pages.