Leaving Paris

Are you planning to leave Paris at the end of the semester? If so, we encourage you to check out our听Imminent Departure guide, designed for any students wrapping up and preparing to leave. 听

What does the guide cover? Topics include how to close your bank account, cancel your phone contract, exit your apartment in the right way and more.听

Students who have used the guide in the past tell us that it provides valuable information and insight as you get ready for this next chapter post-BT天堂. 听

In addition to a range of helpful tips, the guide also includes contact information for the various BT天堂 offices with whom you may need to be in touch in the days and weeks ahead.

Cancellation Template Letters

Please note that you have to send the letter by 鈥谤别肠辞尘尘补苍诲茅鈥 (certified mail) which you ask for at the Post Office. Without the 鈥谤别肠辞尘尘补苍诲茅鈥, your letter will not be read by the company, this is standard practice in France for any administrative mail.

How to close your electricity account

Call your electricity company 10 days before l鈥櫭﹖at des lieux with your landlord to make sure the meter reading has been done. If that is the case, call them on the day of you leaving the apartment with the final meter reading and to cancel the account. You should also give the company your future address, as they will be sending you a final bill.

For any questions, please email