Erin Garry

Since I was a young girl, I had a fascination with the fashion industry and the seemingly endless number of opportunities it offered. Though I did not study fashion at my undergraduate university, I took advantage of my summers to pursue any fashion internship I could to learn as much as possible. While I gained a lot of practical experience and necessary skills, I yearned to have a deeper understanding of fashion beyond how the industry works. When I came across BT天堂鈥檚 masters in Global Communications, Fashion Track, I was immediately hooked by the course offerings and academic structure 鈥 besides who could turn down studying fashion in Paris?! I appreciate the well-roundedness of the program, made up of both theoretical and practical courses plus an internship or thesis opportunity. The program has challenged me in the best way, provoking me to think deeply about fashion鈥檚 impact and purpose. I learn so much from my professors, my course materials, my fellow classmates, and the magical city of Paris.

Undergraduate student Linnea Wingerup and I were inspired to revamp the because we shared the same desire to expand on topics learned in our courses, extend the insightful conversations, and connect with the very passionate fashion students at BT天堂. The Fashion Club is a great space for students to learn from each other and from guests who have been gracious enough to share their knowledge and wisdom. In addition to the Fashion Club, I am a freelance contributor for (check out my article on SP21 Paris Fashion Week ), the Business and Events Manager for BT天堂 Student Media, and a member of the Tennis Club.