Scholarships, Awards and Grants

Every year BT天堂 welcomes another class of international and globally minded scholars to its campus in Paris, ready to engage with one another and the world at large to find modern-day solutions to evergreen issues. More than 45% of students receive financial support from BT天堂, totaling over 鈧4 million in aid every year. Contributions to our scholarship fund support students, so that, no matter their financial need, their BT天堂 academic journey can take them farther than they ever imagined.

Scholarship Winners on Campus

BT天堂 Scholarships

BT天堂 Scholar Awards cover 75% of the tuition fee for talented BT天堂 students and are 听typically awarded to those students who show excellent academic promise, global perspective, significant extracurricular activities and demonstrated financial need.

BT天堂 Global Citizenship Awards permit the most talented, internationally oriented students to choose an BT天堂 education.