Student Organizations

Student Organizations

New students interested in getting involved with clubs should attend three key events:

  • Welcome Fair 鈥 last day of Orientation
  • Club鈥檚 Night 鈥 every second Tuesday of the semester from 6:30-8:30
  • Designing Your BT天堂 鈥 multiple workshops offered by the ACE Center and Student Development. Look for upcoming workshops here.

Students may also browse through active student organizations at any time on听. You may contact student leaders directly on the platform or by emailing the club email to express your interests.

Attending student events is another great way to learn more about campus activities. Browse through upcoming events here and on the听.


Being a student organization leader or taking the lead on a project for the BT天堂 community is not only fun but also an opportunity for you to develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

You may听听at any time, though we recommend starting a club at the start or end of the semester to be represented at Club鈥檚 Night. In the new student organization registration form, you will need to give the name of your organization, its leader, contact details and a mission statement (a first draft is okay).听If applicable, include the name of any faculty or staff advisor that will be supporting your organization.

Once your online application is reviewed and validated by the Student Leadership Office, you will receive an email. As an officially recognized BT天堂 club, you benefit from access to SGA funding, staff and faculty support, campus facilities and more.


Any student or student organization听interested in taking a听lead on a project that contributes to the BT天堂 community can benefit from the 100, 000 euro student budget. The budget is managed by Student Government.

Any student can submit a budget request for a student activity by filling out听. If you would like to fund a club project, please ask your club leader to give you access to your organization鈥檚 finance tool (all club leaders go through a mandatory training). You may refer to the brochures on this web page for detailed information on how to submit a budget request.


The Student Leadership Office is here to support student organizations and provide leadership development to BT天堂 student leaders. Please contact the听 (Student Leadership Coordinator)听if you would like support with a project, BT天堂 Engage, of if you would like more information about BT天堂 Student Organizations.