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Here at BT天堂, we love to keep in touch with alumni and former students, and to celebrate their achievements and milestones.

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  • With all the Right Elements, Samantha Gilliams 鈥18

    With all the Right Elements, Samantha Gilliams 鈥18

    Samantha Gilliams knows a thing or two about ingredients.

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  • A Philosopher in the Kitchen

    A Philosopher in the Kitchen

    Rose is internationally acclaimed for his mastery of traditional French cooking.

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  • Pauline Rodhain 鈥13

    Pauline Rodhain 鈥13

    The knowledge I gained in BT天堂's classes ten years ago is indispensable in my industry today.

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  • Tobias Lord 鈥03

    Tobias Lord 鈥03

    For me, brands are about trust and transparency. Strong brands are ones with which people build affinities.

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  • Faith Toran G鈥18

    Faith Toran G鈥18

    "I enjoyed the small class sizes and how accessible professors were."

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  • Dawn Booker G鈥13

    Dawn Booker G鈥13

    My experience at BT天堂 transformed my life and career in so many ways.

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  • Raul Torres 鈥11

    Raul Torres 鈥11

    I still remember the year I transferred to BT天堂 as one of the best of my life.

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  • Jennifer L. Phillips 鈥97

    Jennifer L. Phillips 鈥97

    BT天堂 formed in me the strong desire to make a difference in my community.

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  • Jessica Farmer 鈥10

    Jessica Farmer 鈥10

    My time spent at BT天堂 changed my perspective on what was possible in life.

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  • Maria Lujan Tubio 鈥03

    Maria Lujan Tubio 鈥03

    The amount of emphasis my professors placed on student鈥搕eacher contact was very special.

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  • Alex Phuong Nguyen G鈥12

    Alex Phuong Nguyen G鈥12

    "Human rights and data science create a fascinating intersection. My advice for those entering the field is to be adaptable to different kinds of work....

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  • Farah Nayeri 鈥84

    Farah Nayeri 鈥84

    My professors had a great deal of influence on my trajectory.

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  • Leila Conners 鈥89

    Leila Conners 鈥89

    I got exactly what I wanted out of the school: an international experience.

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  • Selin Atasoy 鈥95

    Selin Atasoy 鈥95

    Being at BT天堂 and in Paris allowed me to explore different aspects of life, fields of education and subjects of interest.

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  • Matthew Yarborough G鈥17

    Matthew Yarborough G鈥17

    I can honestly say, if it were not for the connections I made at BT天堂, I would not be where I am today.

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  • Tony Hung 鈥18

    Tony Hung 鈥18

    My advice to students would be to maximize your time with all the services BT天堂 has to offer.

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  • Madelaine VanDerHeyden 鈥20

    Madelaine VanDerHeyden 鈥20

    BT天堂's focus on experiential learning, seen through its Cultural Program study trips and skills-oriented modules, was really attractive to me.

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  • Aurelie-Anne Gilly 鈥01

    Aurelie-Anne Gilly 鈥01

    BT天堂 offered serious academic programs and an international student body.

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  • Julie Hu 鈥18

    Julie Hu 鈥18

    My favorite memories of BT天堂 have to do with all the people I met there: peers, friends and professors.

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  • Paige Beaton Coulier G鈥13

    Paige Beaton Coulier G鈥13

    As brand builders, we are out in the world every day, helping people know and love our companies.

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  • Shadi Ayoubi 鈥19

    Shadi Ayoubi 鈥19

    I encourage anyone looking to go into economics to make the most of the liberal arts program.

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  • Cl茅mence Wurtz 鈥13

    Cl茅mence Wurtz 鈥13

    My advice to anyone just graduating is to find something you love, and then to work hard at it.

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  • Hamza Usman G'09

    Hamza Usman G'09

    Hamza Usman G鈥09 turned a gap in the pharmaceutical market into a force for social good, laying the foundations for safer, more professional pharmacies in...

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  • Khalid Tinasti 鈥06 & G鈥07

    Khalid Tinasti 鈥06 & G鈥07

    My time at the University taught me that, whatever our differences, we do not have to apologize for existing.

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  • Luka Ivicevic 鈥15

    Luka Ivicevic 鈥15

    When I came to BT天堂, I was curious to learn new things.

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  • Jasmine Paul 鈥18

    Jasmine Paul 鈥18

    When I found BT天堂, my world got a whole lot bigger!

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  • Monique Callender 鈥18 & G鈥21

    Monique Callender 鈥18 & G鈥21

    I think the most beautiful part of BT天堂 is that it鈥檚 a safe space to be who you are.

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  • Jacqueline Routier 鈥94

    Jacqueline Routier 鈥94

    Marketing is fundamentally about understanding people.

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  • Richard Klein G'21

    Richard Klein G'21

    Yes, the classes are challenging and interesting, but when you head outside you also get the immersive experience of Parisian living

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  • Nicole Santiago G'19

    Nicole Santiago G'19

    Studying at BT天堂 has given me opportunities that seemed implausible for someone early in her career

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  • Jacinda Carlisle G'20

    Jacinda Carlisle G'20

    With its diverse curriculum and distinguished roster of professors, BT天堂 offers exceptional opportunities for study and achievement.

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  • Catherine Mounier-Desrochers G'19

    Catherine Mounier-Desrochers G'19

    I feel strongly that studying at BT天堂 will provide me with the necessary tools to make sense of complex diplomatic and international legal issues

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  • Ari Price G'20

    Ari Price G'20

    I feel lucky to have also had previous experience with the interdisciplinary style of education found at BT天堂

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  • Susanne Spahn 鈥11

    Susanne Spahn 鈥11

    I can confidently say that BT天堂 set the foundation and gave me the knowledge that I needed to practice new values in my personal and professional life.

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  • Natalie Cassedy '17

    Natalie Cassedy '17

    My journey at BT天堂 helped to kick-start my career.

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  • Will Bisbee G鈥18

    Will Bisbee G鈥18

    BT天堂 definitely gave me rich life experiences.

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  • Robin Davis G'17

    Robin Davis G'17

    The classroom exchange of ideas in these courses will always be among my fondest memories at BT天堂.

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  • Lory Martinez G'17

    Lory Martinez G'17

    The training I received in and out of the classroom has been unendingly useful in my post-graduation career.

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  • Keti Archaia 鈥17

    Keti Archaia 鈥17

    While all the courses that I took at BT天堂 were engaging, I was most fascinated by the dynamics of the classes themselves.

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  • Donna AlSudairi 鈥11

    Donna AlSudairi 鈥11

    BT天堂 was exactly what I was looking for: a liberal arts university in the center of Paris, with a diverse student population.

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  • Jean-Baptiste Matton G'15

    Jean-Baptiste Matton G'15

    I wanted to take a break from the military and widen my vision of geopolitics

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  • Alexandra Swies G'14

    Alexandra Swies G'14

    Fashion has always been a passion of mine, but BT天堂 has the perfect program to turn my passion into a career.

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  • Ruby Veridiano G'15

    Ruby Veridiano G'15

    I was able to ask my course instructors for specific advice, and I found that everyone was thrilled to help me as much as they could.

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  • Rieke Weel G'12

    Rieke Weel G'12

    BT天堂 made me believe in myself and understand that I could do things I had never dreamed of doing before.

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  • Lindsey Tramuta G'09

    Lindsey Tramuta G'09

    The training I received in and out of the classroom has been unendingly useful in my post-graduation career.

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  • Erielle Sakrekoff Delzer 鈥16

    Erielle Sakrekoff Delzer 鈥16

    I embarked upon a Russian Studies degree, with an International Relations component.

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  • Chloe Elder 鈥14

    Chloe Elder 鈥14

    Being in Paris opened opportunities to explore beyond the books.

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  • Sabrina Marinescu 鈥11

    Sabrina Marinescu 鈥11

    Being here pushed me to observe subjects and events from an increasingly international point of view.

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  • Kelsey Armstrong 鈥17

    Kelsey Armstrong 鈥17

    I love living in Paris: it inspires me toward greater creativity and ambition.

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  • Amanda Skaar 鈥16

    Amanda Skaar 鈥16

    BT天堂 gave me a window onto the rest of the world and showed me that I needed a career where I could work to make global change.

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  • Nicole Pizzorni 鈥16

    Nicole Pizzorni 鈥16

    I immediately liked BT天堂 because of its diverse student body.

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  • Emilie Quenensse 鈥15

    Emilie Quenensse 鈥15

    BT天堂 helped me gain confidence and the practical knowledge I needed to start an internship at the OECD.

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  • Tove Samuelsson 鈥14

    Tove Samuelsson 鈥14

    Looking back, I feel lucky to have spent these crucial聽years聽at BT天堂 and in Paris.

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  • Jade Ascencio 鈥17

    Jade Ascencio 鈥17

    I鈥檝e always found that BT天堂鈥檚 faculty and staff are extremely attentive to the needs of students.

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  • Matthew Ness 鈥09

    Matthew Ness 鈥09

    BT天堂 impressed me immediately as the right place to develop my interests.

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  • Ryan Blum 鈥16

    Ryan Blum 鈥16

    Moving to Paris was one of the best decisions of my life.

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  • Kristina Keenan 鈥08

    Kristina Keenan 鈥08

    That was my student experience at BT天堂 in a nutshell 鈥 a culturally rich, international learning environment.

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  • Acadia Webber 鈥12

    Acadia Webber 鈥12

    BT天堂 helped fuel my interest in mental health and cognitive science, and those passions guide me still.

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  • Petra Kroupova 鈥17

    Petra Kroupova 鈥17

    I鈥檝e always appreciated the balance BT天堂 strikes between academic rigor and exploration.

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  • Ignacio Paz 鈥09

    Ignacio Paz 鈥09

    I was lucky enough to take my FirstBridge class with the legendary Julie Thomas and Kathleen Chevalier.

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  • Mary Einbinder 鈥11

    Mary Einbinder 鈥11

    I wanted a school where I鈥檇 be encouraged to express myself creatively.

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  • Hannah Chequer-Queiroz 鈥12

    Hannah Chequer-Queiroz 鈥12

    I learned a lot about myself through learning about other people.

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  • Elise Marafioti 鈥03

    Elise Marafioti 鈥03

    I was the first student to graduate from BT天堂 with a degree in Film and Media.

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  • Jeffrey Mestre 鈥12

    Jeffrey Mestre 鈥12

    I can honestly say that I found every aspect of my studies and my daily life fascinating.

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  • Fatima Orozco 鈥16

    Fatima Orozco 鈥16

    It was only when I started applying to jobs that I saw how many doors were open to me because of what I studied.

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  • Anas Bouzoubaa 鈥12

    Anas Bouzoubaa 鈥12

    I wanted to attend an American university, but I also wanted to stay close to home.

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  • Gabrielle Flam 鈥10

    Gabrielle Flam 鈥10

    BT天堂 cemented my desire to study literature and writing and helped spark my intellectual curiosity and creativity.

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  • Anna Schroeder 鈥15

    Anna Schroeder 鈥15

    I wanted to study art history in a city that was overflowing with world-renowned museums.

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