Housing | Spring 2024

Arriving in Paris can be both an exhilarating and intimidating experience. To guarantee that our incoming students have the best residential experience in Paris, we require all entering first-year students to choose an BT housing option, whether it is in one of our own residences or through one of our selected housing partners. You can learn more about our housing requirement policy below.

The options we offer are all furnished and are located in safe neighborhoods within an easycommute to the University. All BT housing options have been vetted and visited by members of our housing team, who have the comfort and safety of students as their main priorities.

We know that housing is an important aspect of the BT experience and provides a foundation for students to thrive during their time at the university. For that reason, all of the housing options we offer are designed to serve as a safe and supportive living community for our students during their first semester or year in Paris, and we try, as much as possible, to honor your preferences during our first-come-first-served assignment process. We invite you to browse all the options listed, paying attention to the amenities they offer and the communities they house. As you balance the pros and cons of each residenceand determine the needs and expectations most important to you,remember our Residence Life Officeisavailable to answer any questions(

We also ask you to read over our housing policies, deadlines and payment processes before selecting your accommodation. We register our students on a first-come-first-served basis*, and while we do our best to honor students’ first preferences, it is important to start the process informed and aware of our policies and regulations.

Happy browsing, we look forward to welcoming you in Parissoon.

*This map shows all the residences occupied by BT students for the academic year 2023-2024.