Formerly named the Taste Lab, the Sensory聽Studies research area聽supports work on sensory studies, and on taste鈥檚 relationship to community building, value-making, and cross-cultural dialogue.聽聽


Affiliated Courses

AN3060 Anthropology of Food

This course examines the intersection of food and the senses from an anthropological perspective. We will explore the intersection between food and culture; the impact of social, political and economic contexts on our foods and foodways; French food culture; and taste, cuisine and commensality as forms of inter-cultural communication. Students apply class readings and practice ethnographic methodologies in a few short study trips.

CL2100 Intro to Creative Writing: A Cross Genre wWorkshop

In this course, students practice writing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry while exploring the boundaries between genres. The workshop format includes guided peer critique of sketches, poems, and full-length works presented in class and discussion and analysis of literary models. In Fall, students concentrate on writing techniques. In Spring, the workshop is theme-driven. May be taken twice for credit.