Job and Internship Databases

The Career听Center听maintains鈥痶he job and internship database at The American University of Paris. We post听offers daily, so make sure to check back regularly.听

Job and internship search tips:听

  • Be creative with your keywords to find a variety of interesting opportunities.听
  • Send a prospective application (鈥肠补苍诲颈诲补迟耻谤别听蝉辫辞苍迟补苍茅别鈥), even if the employer is not currently hiring.听
  • Exploring options?听Browse the database to gather information on different types of positions and organizations, observe trends, and determine how your major/program and aspirations align with specific fields.听
  • Feel free to use other popular job search databases as well. Consult our extensive database list for reference.