Undergraduate tuition is set on an annual basis and applies to the fall and spring semesters.听Information about summer course fees is found听here.

General Payment Information

All payments must be made in euros and tuition paid in full before classes begin.听The amount due can be divided into several payments as long as the total is received by the deadline.

BT天堂's financial aid program听is open to students of all nationalities. Please听contact your admissions counselor听for information about how to apply for financial aid. US citizens and American residents may also apply for federal loans.

All payments can be made听. Other payment methods can be found here.

Undergraduate听Payment Plan Options

The American University of Paris is sensitive to the financial pressure that may arise over the payment of each semester鈥檚 tuition. As a result, the University has developed three payment plans to meet different students鈥 needs. Under all plan's tuition must be paid in full before classes begin.听These options are available only to full-time students.

Yearly Payment Plan

Full-time students may choose to pay for a full academic year (fall and spring semesters) before the start of the fall semester. Tuition and fees must be received by 01 July, whether in one or more payments. Students using this plan benefit from a tuition reduction of 鈧500, thus making full tuition 鈧35,084.听Yearly payments may not begin during the spring semester.

The Yearly Payment Plan with the 500 鈧 tuition reduction is not available to students receiving any financial aid awards.听These awards include all need and merit-based awards, federal and private student loans as well as IB Scholarships.听Note: Exceptionally, students receiving The Alumni Scholarship only, can still have access to the Yearly Payment Plan reduction.听听

Tuition and fees for students on the yearly payment plan:

Fall due 1 July Spring听 Academic Year
Tuition 鈧35,084 0 鈧35,084
Health fees(*) 鈧1,280 0 鈧1,280
Total (in Euros) 鈧36,364 0 鈧36,364

*Health fees are subject to minor changes.
This does not include course fees and cultural programs, nor the one-time orientation fee of 500鈧 for new students.

Semester Payment Plan

Full-time students may opt to pay half of the annual amount of tuition prior to the start of each semester.听Tuition and fees must be received in full, whether in one or more payments, on or before the following dates for each semester:听

Fall:听听听听听听听听听听 July 01
Spring: 听 听听 December 15

If payment is not received by the deadline students are charged a 鈧250 late payment fee. Students or their Financially Responsible Person (FRP) need to contact the Student Accounting Services Office before the deadline date or course registration may be canceled.听Note that all American citizens borrowing U.S. federal loans are automatically on a semester payment plan.听Learn more about U.S. loans at BT天堂.听

Tuition and fees for students on the semester payment plan:

Fall 2024 Spring 2025
Tuition 鈧17,792 鈧17,792
Health fees(*) 鈧640 鈧640
Total (in Euros) 鈧18,432 鈧18,432

*Health fees are subject to change.

This does not include course fees and cultural programs, nor the one-time orientation fee of 500鈧 for new students.

Installment Payment Plan

Full-time students may apply to pay on the installment plan.听This plan consists of four installments for each semester all of which must be received before the beginning of the semester. A service fee of 鈧200 per semester is charged for the installment plan.

Tuition and fees for students on the installment plan:

Payment Deadline Fall 2024
1 June 鈧4,658
1 July 鈧4,658
1 August 鈧4,658
20 August 鈧4,658
Total (in Euros) 鈧18,632

This includes tuition, health fees, and the 200鈧 installment plan fee. This does not include course fees and cultural programs, nor the one-time orientation fee of 500鈧 for new students.

Payment Deadline Spring 2025
1 October 鈧4,658
1 November 鈧4,658
1 December 鈧4,658
1 January 鈧4,658
Total (in Euros) 鈧18,632

This includes tuition, health fees, and the听鈧200 installment plan fee. This does not include course fees and cultural programs, nor the one-time orientation fee of听鈧500听for new students.


2023-24听undergraduate tuition can be found here

Full-time Tuition

Full time undergraduate tuition for 2024-25 is 鈧17,792 per semester. Tuition is the same whether students enroll in three or four courses per semester (12-18 credits). Full time tuition includes the cost of student activities, academic support and housing services.听听above 18 credits may be requested: once approved and registered, the overload course is charged in addition to full time tuition. For 2024-25 an undergraduate four-credit course听costs 鈧4,448. Full time undergraduates may also audit one additional course at no charge.

As noted in the听course catalog听certain courses may also have a fee attached. Information about the听undergraduate overall cost of attendance听is available from the Financial Aid Office.

Part-time Tuition

Part time students are those taking a course load of 11 credits or fewer. Part time tuition is determined on a per-credit basis; for 2024-25 part time tuition is 鈧1,112 per credit.

Auditor Fee

Auditors pay 50% of the per-credit fee. As tuition for the current year is 鈧1,112 per credit, the auditor rate is 鈧556 per credit.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition for the fall semester must be received by 01 July and for the Spring semester by 15 December unless other arrangements have been made. Students will not be allowed in classes if tuition has not been received.听Payment Procedures听provides information about how to pay.听

Required Fees

Required fees for the year include health insurance and, for incoming students, an orientation fee. 听

Application Fee

The nonrefundable application fee must be sent with the application form. For more information,听please consult the admissions pages.

Tuition Deposit

The 鈧1250 tuition deposit paid by all students when confirming attendance is credited towards the first semester's tuition. Please note听that the tuition deposit is听non refundable.

Orientation Fee

The orientation fee covers all activities that occur during the orientation program of a student's first semester, as well as academic advising, workshops, cultural activities, and materials. The orientation fee is 鈧500.

Please note that orientation is mandatory and that the orientation fee will not be waived even when a student does not attend orientation.

Health Insurance Fee

The University is legally responsible for ensuring that all students have adequate health insurance coverage. Degree-seeking students are automatically enrolled in, and billed for, the comprehensive and mandatory plan arranged for by the University.听

The health insurance fee of 鈧640 per semester is subject to change. For additional information please consult the听Health Care Plan.

Additional Fees听

Late Payment Fee

A 鈧250 late payment fee will be charged for any tuition received after the published payment deadlines.

Cultural Programs

Students may elect to participate in cultural programs for which there are additional fees. For information about these please see the Cultural Program webpages.

Course Fees

Certain courses have fees attached to cover museum entrance, lab fees, software costs, etc. The course catalog mentions which courses have fees attached.