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The American University of Paris

You鈥檙e looking for a place. Ideally, it would be in a city bursting at the seams with culture, art, and opportunities. You鈥檇 like a vibrant learning community, built on a strong academic foundation that would cultivate your critical thinking skills and reveal听the links between diverse disciplines. Upon leaving, you鈥檇 be ready to meet the needs of a globalized world and would have access to a thriving network of extraordinary alumni in a variety of fields. You鈥檙e looking for this place. We think you鈥檝e found it.

BT天堂 is a true 21st-century world university with an incomparable urban location in the most beautiful city in the world, and a curriculum designed to produce global leaders by focusing on the comparative and the cross-cultural, the international and the interdisciplinary.

Dr. Celeste M. Schenck Former President of The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris does more than provide an American-style university education in Paris. Our global liberal arts heritage drives us to offer an academic experience that inspires over 1200 students, representing a record 110 nationalities and 65 languages, to cross cultural, national, ethnic, religious and linguistic boundaries in the BT天堂 classroom and beyond. Our faculty of 35 nationalities uses its research and practice to fuel thought-provoking conversations in intimate and collaborative classroom settings, where you will explore different academic disciplines from a variety of perspectives. You will be given every opportunity to connect your learning to professional and real-life settings in Paris and beyond, with a global liberal arts education that will help lead you to a fulfilling career or further study around the world.

As an BT天堂 global explorer, you epitomize BT天堂鈥檚 commitment to a world of interdependence through your passion for change, your determination to build bridges among far-flung communities, your leadership of extracurricular organizations, and your interest in our international opportunities for scholarships, volunteering, and internships. We are committed to leveraging our extensive university relationships and resources, including our worldwide alumni network, to help our students open the doors to their futures and to succeed in today鈥檚 globalized world.

BT天堂鈥檚 20,000 alumni are currently living and working in 145 countries around the globe. Their stories demonstrate the impact of an BT天堂 education. We expect that you, like our graduates, who often pursue their work in languages and cultures not their own, will go on to a successful career or further study around the world.听


From BT天堂's historic beginning in rented classrooms of the American Church of Paris and the vow of our founder to "transcend the bounds of narrow nationalisms," to today's explicit intention to provide our global explorer students with the academic, interpersonal and pre-professional preparation needed to confront contemporary global realities, our mission has not wavered.

BT天堂 Mission Statement

Chartered as a liberal arts college in 1962, The American University of Paris is today an urban, independent, international university located at the meeting point of France, Europe, and the world. The University provides a student-centered, academically-rigorous, career-enabling, and transformative learning experience to the global explorers who are its Bachelor鈥檚 and Master鈥檚 students, empowering them to cross both disciplinary and cultural borders with ease in order to assume their places as responsible actors and leaders in over 140 countries worldwide.

BT天堂鈥檚 mission is to educate its graduates to communicate effectively in a world of many languages;听to read well, listen carefully, and write intelligently in a voice of their own;听to become critical thinkers about history and human societies, economics, culture, literature, the arts, science, politics, psychology, business, and communication; to develop creative interdisciplinary solutions to contemporary global challenges; to be digitally literate in a world of swift-paced change;听to understand the ethical imperatives of living in such a world;听and to move across contemporary cultural borders with a sense of commitment to and responsibility for a world held in common.

The University achieves its mission by providing its students with a curriculum combining liberal arts inquiry, preparation for professional life, and student-centered, active learning in small classroom settings; dynamic, engaged teaching informed by both disciplinary and interdisciplinary faculty scholarship; a host of opportunities for direct experience of the world and its many cultures; a wealth of intellectual exchanges on campus at conferences of global reach; and an integrated learning model that marries classroom learning and its application to real-world contexts, preparing students to master听and听to make, to reflect and to apply, to analyze and to act. In these ways, an BT天堂 education supports professional skills development and cultural fluency鈥攖he sense of global engagement and the capacity to negotiate difference that emerge from the natural diversity of BT天堂鈥檚 student and faculty bodies. Upon graduation, BT天堂 students take part in and benefit from the global network that is our worldwide alumni community, creating lifelong connections to one another and to the University.