The Monttessuy Center for the Arts

The Monttessuy Center for the Arts is our campus hub for creative endeavor. Located in the University鈥檚 longest-held property, which formerly housed the BT天堂 Library, Monttessuy was fully renovated in 2021 to become a new home for the Department of Art History and Fine Arts to respond to growing demand for BT天堂鈥檚 majors in these subjects. Today, it contains classrooms and art studios, faculty offices and the University鈥檚 first-ever auditorium: the Olivia de Havilland Theater.聽

Located in the Mottessuy Center for the Arts

The Olivia de Havilland Theater

BT天堂鈥檚 first-ever auditorium is named for BT天堂 parent and former trustee Olivia de Havilland, star of stage and screen. The room hosts film screenings, performances and other live events, providing a valuable outlet for the performing arts on campus.

The Nissim Fine Arts Studios

These two spacious studio rooms, full of light, provide separate specialized teaching spaces for painting and sculpture respectively. They were made possible thanks to the generosity of the Esmond Nissim Foundation.


Monttessuy contains two large classrooms allowing art history and fine arts courses to be taught in proximity to the studio spaces. They were made possible thanks to the generosity of 鈥90s alumni and BT天堂 parents respectively.

Lithography Lab

This printmaking workshop contains a working lithographic press, allowing for faculty, students and visiting artists to engage with this important and versatile technique. Fine arts students develop an understanding of a pivotal printmaking process, while art history students learn about the technique's wide-reaching influence on artists such as Goya, Manet and Matisse.

Faculty Offices

The Department of Arts History and Fine Arts faculty members have their offices in the building.

The John & Susan Klein Exhibition Space

This designated exhibition space showcases student artwork for the enjoyment of the entire BT天堂 community.