Tuition & Costs

Tuition and costs for summer programs

Tuition for the summer programs at The American University of Paris is calculated on a per-credit basis. You can choose to participate in any of our summer programs for university credit to transfer back to your home institution or you can participate as an "auditor".听 Auditors attend the same classes but do not receive any official academic credit. Please note that all of these fees are for Summer 2024 and are subject to change.

Summer session tuition

  • To receive undergraduate credit: 鈧1,078/credit
  • 鈥淎uditor鈥 tuition, for 3-week or 6-week undergraduate courses: 鈧539/credit.听
Course Credit Load For Credit Tuition Audit Tuition
Undergraduate 4-credit course 鈧4,312 鈧2,156

Additional fees

  • Orientation fee of 鈧220
  • Course fee of 鈧230/course for French Immersion
  • Course fees for Art courses are between 鈧49 and 鈧175. All other course fees vary between 鈧15 and 鈧175.

Tuition and fees listed here do not include听summer housing听or听cultural study trips.

Payment deadlines

May 15th: Full payment due for听all听Summer courses (beginning in June 鈥 i.e. 6-week and 3-week June session; and courses beginning in July).

After May 15th:听Full Payment should be made听within听three听days after admission. Late fees may be applied for payment received after the deadline dates.听You will receive your invoice once you have finalized your registration in your online checklist.

Refund policy

Summer Deadline Summer Refund
Prior to the first day of classes 100% *
After the start of classes 0%

*Does not include the 鈧500 nonrefundable tuition deposit.

Summer Financial Aid information

The American University of Paris does not offer any financial aid to visiting students for the summer.

Non-BT天堂 students (with U.S. nationality or U.S. permanent residency) who are degree-seeking at institutions that can certify and administer U.S. federal loans may be able to use them for BT天堂's summer program. You will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at your home institution in order to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. If needed, the BT天堂 Financial Aid Office can complete a consortium agreement, but it must originate from your home institution.听

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who qualify may apply for a private听听for all legitimate educational and living expenses during a summer program at BT天堂. This option also applies to non-degree seeking students. Please note that federal regulations prohibit BT天堂 from administering U.S. federal loans (Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford or PLUS loans) for any student not working toward an BT天堂 degree during the BT天堂 summer program.

Current BT天堂 students who are receiving an institutional financial award are eligible to receive this award for summer classes. The amount of the award will be adjusted (pro-rated) depending on the number of registered credits that the student is carrying.

As a U.S. student, you can continue to receive your U.S. loans as long as you are carrying a minimum 6-credit course load during the summer semester.