How to Register for Housing

To choose your housing, you will follow this simple process:听

  1. REVIEW OPTIONS:听Make听sure听you have read through听all听the听housing options listed in the navigation sidebar. Take a moment to think about your needs, your budget and the type of community you would like to be听a听part of.听Keep in mind that every single option has its pros and cons, and keep an open mind as you enter the housing registration process. Once you have a few preferences in mind, you can move on to the checklist.
  2. SELECT YOUR PREFERRED HOUSING OPTIONS:听听and听indicate your housing preference.听 If you are being housed by the University you will then be able to听complete the housing step听and听select up to five preferred housing options. Please note that only the housing options available to you (as a semester-long or year-long student) will be listed for you to select. The Housing Office will be assigning rooms on a first-come-first-served basis.听Please note that completing听this step听is听not a confirmation of registration.听The Housing Office will reach out听to you听within two to three听business听days to confirm your registration based on availability.听
  3. PAYMENT: After we have registered you in one of your selected housing options, we will send you an invoice and payment details.听The first payment, due December 1, 2023, is non-refundable and听serves to secure your housing reservation.
  4. CONFIRMATION: You will receive confirmation from BT天堂鈥檚 Office of Student Accounting Services (SAS) within two days of completing payment 鈥 this finalizes the housing step of your BT天堂 Status Page.


Housing assignments at BT天堂 are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. This means that when the 鈥淚ndicate your Housing Preferences鈥 form opens on your BT天堂 Status Page on Monday, November 20th at 4PM Paris Time (10am Eastern / 7am Pacific) for incoming first-year students, and Wednesday, November 22nd at 4PM Paris Time for visiting and transfer students, students will be able to submit their preferences and the housing office will process them one by one based on time stamp. We strongly recommend going into the housing assignment process with an open mind, and with a flexible selection of preferred housing.

Please do note that the housing preference form allows you to indicate preferences, not to select a specific housing. While we would love to, ideally, place all of our students in their first choice, we receive many submissions in a very short period of time, and beds in all residences are limited. We may not be able to place you in your first or second choice 鈥 in some cases, all the preferences of a specific submission may be booked by the time we process the student鈥檚 form. Should that be the case, we will contact the student for new preferences based on updated availability.

Roommate requests in the housing preference form:

If you know someone also attending BT天堂 starting Fall 2023 with whom you wish to share a room, you will be able to request them as a roommate in your housing preferences form on your BT天堂 status page. Please note that this only applies to double rooms, for students to request each other to share an immediate room space 鈥 this does not apply to students wishing to be housemates (different rooms within the same apartment), or hallmates (different rooms within the same residence). Students are guaranteed to room with their requested roommate provided that they a) both request each other and b) both submit the same shared housing preferences in the exact same order on their form. If a student has requested a roommate, we will check their requested roommate鈥檚 preference form: so long as they have also requested the other student and listed the same preferences, they will be pulled into their requested roommate鈥檚 room regardless of submission order.听Please note that some of our openings may be in shared rooms already housing one full-year student; as such, our ability to place two students who have requested each other in a completely open room may be limited.

If you do not already have a roommate in mind but would still like to register for shared housing, do not worry: we will be sending a roommate and housemate preferences survey in the summer, after registrations have been finalized, to match students in shared housing based on their living habits and preferences!

The Roommate Survey听Pairing听Process

While we work to match roommates based on the most compatible responses to the roommate survey, please note that we do not have as much flexibility in Spring assignments due to most of our housing options already being occupied. Some of our shared rooms may already be assigned to one full-year student (or multiple in our co-living apartments), and as such possible pairings may be more limited.

Medical needs and the first-come-first-served process:

If you have medical needs that require a specific type of accommodation within our housing offering, we encourage you to submit a medical exemption request before you choose your housing preferences. Medical exemptions cannot be granted retrospectively after BT天堂 housing is assigned.

Shared housing gender policy:

Our shared housing, whether in twin studios or single and double rooms in shared apartments, does not allow for mixed sex and gender allocations. We are working on having inclusive housing for our LGBTQA+ students, including those who identify as gender non-binary or gender-fluid, but as we are still building our roster of BT天堂-managed residences where we have more control, we are not yet able to accommodate these students in shared housing options. Students who identify as gender non-binary or gender-fluid will have access to single studios - we are able to prioritize their housing assignment to ensure that they are placed within those options, especially as we want to make sure that they feel safe in their housing; this is why students can indicate their gender identity in their housing preference form.

Accessible BT天堂 Housing

Accessible accommodation is available in select BT天堂 residences and Partner residences. Students who need accessible housing should contact the housing office directly at before submitting their preferences. We will work with them to ensure that they are placed in housing that best suits their needs.

How to Register FAQ

Can my second choice on the preference form be from the same location (e.g. both options in Musset Residence?)

Yes, you are able to choose different housing options within the same location for your first or second choice.

Is there a chance that all my preferences will be unavailable before I am assigned?

Yes. Due to the high number of submissions our office receives upon opening the registration form, we might not be able to process some of the last submissions in the first round due to some housing options being filled. If that is the case for you, we will email you to invite you to submit new preferences based on remaining availabilities.

Should I request a roommate in my preference form?

If you are confident that you know a fellow incoming student with whom your living preferences and habits are compatible, you can definitely request them as a roommate in your housing preference form. We do urge you to be careful and to thoroughly discuss your living preferences before requesting anyone as a roommate: great friends do not always make great roommates. In considering roommate requests with other incoming students, make sure to discuss the following topics: budget and the preferences you both wish to select in your forms, study and sleeping habits, tidiness and weekly chores, personal values, and social habits.

I do not like my housing assignment. Can I switch to a different housing option?

Unfortunately, we are not able to switch housing assignments once they have been issued to students. Please do note that, if you have received your third or fourth preference, this means that your top ranked preferences were filled by the time we processed your submission. This means that they were already assigned to other students, and that we would not be able to switch you to them after assignments have been issued.

Can I be placed on the waitlist? How can I switch to a newly available option following another student鈥檚 cancellation?

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold waitlists in our housing assignment process. We do issue cancellations of housing assignments should students fail to confirm their registration through the first payment. As such, should you wish to try your luck again through the assignment round, you would simply not complete your first payment, and resubmit preferences based on the updated availabilities following our first payment deadline. Do note that, should you seek that alternative, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to your desired housing option 鈥 it is also possible that your initial housing assignment is no longer available when your reassignment form is processed.