Your Housing Options

New students


This status applies to you if this is your first year of university, whether you are planning to study at BT天堂 for the duration of your degree or you are visiting for your first semester or year of college.

Transfer students & visiting independent:

This status applies to you if this is not your first year of university, and you are attending BT天堂 from a university that does not have a partnership program with BT天堂.

Visiting Co-Op students

This status applies to you if this is not your first year of university and you are attending BT天堂 through a partnership program with your home university.

* Some programs require their students to stay in BT天堂 Housing (such as GWU, Denison, and Rollins) 鈥 be sure to check with your home institution and your BT天堂 admissions counselor for program-specific information.

Residency Requirement

The residency requirement for incoming students is in place to ensure both your wellbeing and a successful transition to life in Paris and at BT天堂, as well as to afford you a sense of community through living with your peers. We either list BT天堂-run residences, where we have resident advisors working for us on site, or partner residences with whom we have a collaborative working relationship. We are committed to supporting you as fully as possible during your first year in Paris 鈥 an important transitional year, especially for those of you who are living abroad or leaving home for the first time.

Registration Process

Our housing offer for incoming students varies from semester to semester. The Housing Office works closely with the Admissions team to inform incoming students of the semester鈥檚 housing options and registration process before the start of housing assignments.
Below is a general timeline of the housing registration process for incoming students:

  1. Housing offer is published: The Housing Office publishes its residential offering for incoming students every semester. Incoming students are provided with a link to the page as soon as it becomes available.
    • The Fall housing offer is published in April.
    • The Spring housing offer is published in November.
  2. Students review options: You will be able to view the available housing options for the upcoming semester, including details about amenities, neighborhoods, commute options, and on-site staff for each residence. You will also be informed of BT天堂 Housing policies and how to apply, as well as housing prices and payment deadlines.
  3. Housing registration opens: You will indicate your housing preferences directly on your BT天堂 Status Page. Registration first opens for students required to seek housing through BT天堂 (first-year degree-seeking, first-year abroad, and gap year students) and then opens about three weeks later for other cohorts (transfer, visiting independent, and visiting CO-OP students).
    • Fall housing registration opens in early May.
    • Spring housing registration opens in late November.
  4. Students receive their housing assignment: Housing assignments at BT天堂 are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. This means that when the registration step opens on the BT天堂 Status Page, you will be able to submit your preferences and the Housing Office will process them in order based on timestamp. We strongly recommend going into the housing assignment process with an open mind and a flexible selection of preferred housing.
Exemption Policy

Students may request an exemption from the first-year housing requirement based on specific criteria; the exemption policy has been designed to accommodate students whose specific needs are not met by the BT天堂 Housing offering, or who can demonstrate that they have the resources and support needed to find safe accommodation and independently transition to their first year in Paris and at BT天堂.

Exemptions must be justified with the appropriate documentation. Approved reasons for receiving a housing exemption are:

  1. Students who are over 21 years of age
    • Passport scan or ID card if over 21 years of age on the first day of orientation
  2. Students who are legally married and wish to live with their spouse
    • Marriage license from the country of origin
  3. Students who already have French residency
    • Proof of address in the form of a lease, quittance de loyer, or utility bill in the student鈥檚 name, dated at least six months prior to the student鈥檚 start date at BT天堂
  4. Students who will be living with family in Ile-de-France
    • Proof of address in the form of a lease, quittance de loyer, or utility bill in the family member鈥檚 name dated at least three months prior to the student鈥檚 start date at BT天堂
    • A scan of the family member鈥檚 passport or ID card
    • A signed letter from the family member certifying that they will be housing the student for their first year at BT天堂
  5. Students who have medical needs that cannot be accommodated through our housing offering
    • A signed letter from the physician explaining the medical needs that cannot be accommodated by the available housing options
    • Students who are granted a medical exemption can still receive assistance from the Housing Office in finding accommodation
  6. Students who can demonstrate an extended period (three months or more) of living independently (in housing not sponsored or managed by an educational institution) 鈥 these exemption requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    • A letter explaining the experience of living independently
    • Documentation of the circumstances outlined by the letter (previous lease in the student鈥檚 name, enrollment in a program or university, etc.)
  • Students who have not reserved their housing or been granted an exemption will not be allowed to register for university courses, and those students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to BT天堂 Housing will be automatically withdrawn from classes.
  • Students who wish to seek an exemption must still indicate that preference by selecting it as a housing option in their BT天堂 checklists. Students who have initially elected to secure BT天堂 housing cannot later change their housing selection to an exemption.
  • Students who are granted an exemption from housing on medical grounds are still able to access the BT天堂 Housing Database, a resource that connects students with landlords who have worked with BT天堂 in the past and are used to renting their spaces to BT天堂 students.

Returning Students and New Graduate Students


This status applies to you if you are a returning undergraduate BT天堂 student (a returning student is a student that has been at BT天堂 for both Fall and Spring semesters if they entered in Fall, or just Spring semester if they entered in Spring) or if you are enrolled in a graduate program.

Registration Process

Returning and graduate students can either seek housing independently from the University or use our BT天堂 Housing Database to take advantage of our network of landlords and listings. The Housing Office serves as an intermediary throughout the database search: we connect students to landlords, guide them through setting up an agreement, and continue providing support during the rental process. Please be sure to review our Housing Database page for detailed information about the rules and regulations of the database and the search process.
Returning students can use the database at any time of year, though availability will shift throughout the semester.

Graduate students can indicate on their BT天堂 status page whether they will be seeking housing independently, or whether they wish to use the BT天堂 Housing Database. The Housing Office works with the Admissions team to organize a housing informational session for graduate students before the start of the database search.

  • The database search process for Fall incoming graduate students opens in June.
  • The database search process for Spring incoming graduate students opens in November.