Campus Development History

Guided by our campus development plan, the complete physical transformation of the campus has allowed us to honor our past by staying in the quartier of our founding while meeting the needs of our 21st-century community of global explorers.

The Bosquet building.

It Began with Bosquet

Our beloved Bosquet, home to so much learning and many other important BT天堂 adventures over the years, was the foundation on which we built the campus鈥檚 transformation. Sadly, the building鈥檚 physical layout ultimately presented more obstacles than opportunities, and its sale in 2014 opened the way for a new generation of innovative teaching and learning spaces.

The campus development plan has been geared towards maintaining BT天堂鈥檚 historical character, while at the same time meeting student and faculty expectations for modern learning spaces and technology.

Timeline of Renovations

Five years ago, we began an audacious project to transform BT天堂鈥檚 campus. Thanks to the support of the BT天堂 community, we have accomplished the following major projects:

  • 2014 鈥 Renovation of the Combes building to create the Combes Student Life Center.
  • 2015 鈥 Renovation and expansion of Saint-Dominique to create six classrooms, new faculty offices and a student mail center.
  • 2015 鈥 Consolidation of central administrative units into a new building on boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg.
  • 2016 鈥 Renovation of the Grenelle building to create the Grenelle Teaching and Mentoring Center.
  • 2017 鈥 Purchase of our new flagship building on the Quai d鈥橭rsay and beginning of the work to connect it to Combes to create a Student Life and Learning Commons.
  • 2018 鈥 Ongoing renovation of the Quai d鈥橭rsay Learning Commons.
  • 2019 鈥 Official inauguration of the completed Quai d鈥橭rsay Learning Commons.
  • 2021 鈥 Official inauguration of the completed Monttessuy Center for the Arts

The Learning Commons contains such services as the BT天堂 Library and the Academic Resource Center, which were previously located in separate buildings. Our goal of creating a student-centered Parisian campus 鈥 designed to foster active learning, innovative pedagogies and student interaction across our diverse student body 鈥 is now complete.

However, the work doesn鈥檛 stop there. A sixth renovation is also in the pipeline. Now that the library has moved to its new home in the Learning Commons, its old location at Monttessuy is next in line for redevelopment. The aim is to create a central space for BT天堂鈥檚 burgeoning Department of Art History and Fine Arts, in order to respond to growing demand for the department鈥檚 majors, which have seen a collective 270% increase in applications over the last five years. The redeveloped space is to be named The Monttessuy Center for the Arts.