Faculty Collaboration

The ACE Center鈥檚 mission is to put students in a resourceful state of mind, offer them academic and career guidance, equip them with the knowledge and resources to plan and achieve their academic and career goals. An important part of this mission supporting faculty as academic and career advisors and collaborate with faculty to develop career resources for students by providing the below:


As you are working with students, support them through the career development process and engage them in conversations about their interests. Here are some ways you can contribute to their career planning:听

  • Send students to visit our drop-in office hours to discuss their needs and personal situation. As laws in France are complex, we can explain how labor laws in France apply to their particular situation.听
  • Encourage students to attend a Careers event such as an internship info session or LinkedIn Network and Nibble. The full schedule is on听.听
  • Urge students to create a听听to assist in their internship search.听
  • Write an effective听听for graduate schools.
  • Be a strong reference for job and internship applications.听


Please consider us a resource. We can visit your class or department meeting to present on a particular topic, attend department open houses to talk to students about academic advising, careers and internships, or brainstorm with you to create a class visit that is tailored to your course.听 Email and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss the potential class visit.


Have a guest speaker coming in?听Know someone in your network looking for talent?听Fostering BT天堂鈥檚 employer network is a huge part of what we do. Please help us with this effort.

  • Introduce us to听contacts who听can help advance the breadth of job and internship opportunities on the BT天堂 database. An introductory email to听careersataup.edu听听is ideal.听
  • Invite a staff member from the Careers team to attend networking events where employers and/or alumni are present.
  • Invite us to听classes with guest speakers听so that we can also learn about skills and trends of value to employers.听
  • Refer employers to the听听so they can directly recruit BT天堂 student talent.听


  • Collaborate with the Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program team to promote your events. Students can get GPS credit for attending pre-approved events; this can be a great way to increase attendance. Email听gpsataup.edu听to get support.听