First Year Abroad and Visiting Students

Welcome First Year Abroad and visiting students! The advisors in the ACE Center look forward to supporting you as you听figure out how to maximize your experience with us here in Paris, both academically and for your professional development.听

Arrival and听Planning听

The staff advisors in the ACE Center are your point people when it comes to sorting out your academic plans for your time at The American University of Paris.听We will register you into your courses, help you solve problems, and, most importantly, ensure that your course selection is in alignment with your academic goals.听In addition, it is our office that manages the formal articulation of courses and communication regarding academic planning with the universities associated with our First Year Abroad students. For example, we update听these advising pages for听,听, and听听First Year Abroad students every semester.听

While You鈥檙e Here听

Whether you are with us at BT天堂 for one or two semesters (or longer), the staff advisors in the ACE Center will be available to guide you. In fact, all students at BT天堂 have听an assigned official advisor, and yours will be someone in the ACE Center. You can seek us out to ask all manner of questions pertaining to your academic planning, and we can help you troubleshoot other issues as well. Your听advisor is a person you can count on to support you if you have a problem that needs solving. We may not have all the answers, but we generally know who does, and we are dedicated to connecting听you with the abundant听support and resources available here at BT天堂.听

Departure (Or听Choosing to Stay)

As you prepare to leave BT天堂, you may have questions about when and how you will be able to access your final grades and transcripts, or you may seek support in completing听a transfer application from our career team. We are happy to help. However, you may find that BT天堂 has become听your home away from home and decide to stay and finish your studies here. If you do, we can help you understand what steps you need to take, beginning with听听or .听