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IRIS Project

The Integrated Resources Information Systems program (IRIS)聽designates a series of projects meant to:
鈥⒙犅 聽Complete, redesign and renovate our core Information Systems
鈥⒙犅 聽Modernize our business practices, reengineer our current processes, upgrade our current distributed core systems.
鈥⒙犅 聽Address the problems with DATA integration and integrated business processes.
鈥⒙犅 聽Establish a DATA governance operating model.
鈥⒙犅 聽Create business understanding based on DATA we collect/generate.聽
鈥⒙犅 聽Create business opportunities based on University鈥檚 DATA.

Timeline History

Systems within the IRIS projects will automate and integrate business processes that take place across a variety of departments and functions. That includes the data of:
鈥⒙犅 聽The Student Information System (SIS)
鈥⒙犅 聽Constituency Relationship Management (CRM)
鈥⒙犅 聽Administrative systems: Human Capital System, Finance and Accounting system, etc.聽
鈥⒙犅 聽And more
While we are driving these changes, it is important that we review and optimize our business processes, with a strong emphasis on our strategic outcomes, student data and future planning. This will be achieved through a combination of the most modern applications and a data-driven approach.

Project sponsors and Project manager(s)

To ensure ultimate success for IRIS, it is essential that senior management gets strongly involved, all communities take part in the project and that the various BT天堂 departments cooperate and collaborate efficiently.聽

Project Sponsors hold a strategic view of the entire project. They:

  • Serve as executive sponsors of the project
  • Serve as an escalation and decision point for major project and policy issues
  • Decide on substantial budget changes and change orders
  • Serve as an escalation point for BT天堂 project manager(s)
  • Organize monthly meetings on this topic, or more frequently if needed

Projects Managers hold an operational view of the entire project. They:聽

  • Manage Subject-Matter Expert (SME) teams to ensure their objectives are met
  • Manage cross-area collaboration
  • Supervise consultants to manage quality and planning
  • Manage and track the project plan, resources and schedules
  • Manage and mitigate project issues and risks
  • Manage communications messages to stakeholders
Subject experts

Functional Lead ensures that the new system is effectively addressing the BT天堂's functional and business process needs from their core area's perspective. They:

  • Manages their team workload and morale
  • Serves as lead functional specialists

Data Repository Lead ensure that data repository requirements are well defined and consolidated in a single secure repository. They

  • Analyze the effectiveness of any existing report procedures and systems
  • Develop process enhancing data collection strategies聽
  • Write and maintain all reporting processes
  • Complete any work assigned by the Project Manager聽

Data Standards group develop and implement the rigorous data standards that are essential to the business units. They:

  • Establish Guidelines for Data Standards, Data Integrity and Security
  • Data content and changes can be audited
  • Make sure that access to the data is authorized and controlled
  • Make sure change management practices are applied in maintenance of the database
  • Ensure that data stewards are identified for each data set
  • Technical processes sustain data integrity

Main Objectives

What will IRIS bring to the University?聽

Most of our departments are using stand-alone and siloed systems. Our business processes are thus disconnected. This coupled with an inadequate use of resources, hinders inter-departmental efficiency.聽BT天堂 plans on investing significantly in the upgrade and integration of our business systems. The objectives are to:
鈥⒙犅 聽Streamline our business processes and increase efficiency.
鈥⒙犅 聽Break down our institutional silos and pull out our rich data that reside in our SIS, ERP, CMS, LMS, and other subsystems.聽
鈥⒙犅 聽Gather these data to achieve our institutional goals and gain greater insight into our business operations.
鈥⒙犅 聽Develop focused reports that drive action by further exploring the greater meaning of our data.
鈥⒙犅 聽Improve data privacy, security and governance.

Feedback & Recaps

In our monthly updates, we will address these questions anonymously, providing clarity and transparency to all.

鈫 (2-minute submission)

Below is a quick preview of this year鈥檚 IRIS roadmap聽and聽a brief recap of last year鈥檚 IRIS progress:

Read the 2023-24 preview (3-minute read)

Read the 2022-23 recap (4-minute read)

Each week the CIO will hold regular hours on Wednesday 4 pm for your concerns, questions, or ideas. Please call him on MS Teams.


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