Institutional Research supports planning and decision making at the University by providing information, analysis and insight on data collected University wide. The function is housed in the Office of Assessment, Learning and Institutional Research and harbors associated activities. The office assists with and contributes to meaningful work of faculty, students and staff across the institution. Finally, the office also reports University data to external bodies.

If you have a University focused project you are working on or would like to work on, please contact us. We can support you in your work, and may already have data or reports on a similar topic.

We can help you:

  • build and administer surveys;
  • by providing you聽with data or build reports for to you to access relevant data;
  • work with your data: gather, clean, and analyze;
  • find meaning and derive conclusions from your data.

Please send all requests for the Institutional Research office to, to open a ticket.

You can also refer to our Annual Surveys and Reporting Calendar to get a聽picture of what internal surveys we administer and which external surveys we respond to, on an annual basis.