Students who complete the GPS program have the foundation required to present themselves to anyone, anywhere, with pride and confidence, enabling them to successfully tackle their post-graduation plans.

BT天堂 seniors have the opportunity to present their GPS Capstone at an annual public speaking contest, the听GPS Panel Presentations, held every April. Panel finalists are then invited to present to the President鈥檚 Panel at the GPS Award Ceremony in May. The Danielle Savage GPS Award 鈥 a certificate of distinction and a 鈧1000 grant 鈥 is conferred to the student with finest GPS Capstone presentation at the annual BT天堂 Commencement Ceremony.

GPS Award Finalists and Winners听听

Watch the finalists鈥 outstanding presentations below.听


  1. Sarah Affonso
  2. Agata Kozuchowska听
  3. Ria Phi听
  4. T鈥橝nna Johnson听
  5. Savie Newton听
  6. Christopher Hussey听


  1. Kaylh Altimore
  2. Motse Kuswani听
  3. Krystel Nozier听
  4. Zachary Egan听
  5. Lynn Elhadjali听


  1. Nike Hartmann
  2. Chloe Denelsbeck听
  3. Inanna Greenhill听
  4. Minja Nedeljkovic听
  5. Caroline Sjerven听


  1. Anita Maksymchuk
  2. Anissa Agrama听
  3. Diana Hickox听
  4. Marly Phillips-Nicol听


  1. Sarah Sturman
  2. Frances Ebi听
  3. Jean Marie Anselmi听
  4. Malick Rupert听
  5. Veronica Ayla听


  1. Rama Al-Nakib
  2. Lucille Befort听
  3. Annamaria Deganutti听
  4. Maria Rodriguez听
  5. Lilian Wagner听



Kaylh Altimore, Cross-Cultural Communicator
Krystel Nozier, Community Builder
Motse Kuswani, Aspiring Lawyer and Changemaker
Zachary Egan, From Carnegie Hall to the OECD via BT天堂
Lynn Elhadjali, Advocate and Leader


Nike Hartmann

The final 2020-2021听presentation by Nike HARTMANN听is available听.

Chloe Denelsbeck, Inclusive Education Leader
Inanna Greenhill, Criminology Enthusiast
Minja Nedeljkovic, Aspiring Private Equity Investor
Caroline Sjerven, Aspiring Political Journalist and Novelist


Chiara Amor 鈥 Aspiring Olympian and Event Planner
Anita Maksymchuk, Community Development Leader
Marly Phillips-Nicol

The final 2019-2020 presentation by Marly Phillips-Nicol is available .


Jean Marie, Bold Initiative-Taker
Sarah, Aspiring Editor
Veronica, Well-rounded Journalist
Watch the 2019 Awards Ceremony

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In Spring 2018, the first class of GPS Finalists presented their final projects to the GPS committee. Below you will find some of the outstanding work that was produced and presented by BT天堂 students.

Jasmine Paul "Becoming a Community Leader"
Maria Rodriguez "Service to Others"
Rama al Nakib

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