聽is a quarterly arts journal published in print and online. The current print issue is available to buy in bookshops and via the website, or by subscription. The website is updated with new, usually web-only content in the first week of each month.聽Professor Daniel Medin聽is contributing editor of The White Review.

The journal was conceived as an arts and literary journal specializing in artistically or educationally meritorious works of new or emerging artists and writers. Its aim is the promotion of the arts and literature and of advancing education in arts and literature. It takes its name and a degree of inspiration from La Revue Blanche, a Parisian magazine which ran from 1889 to 1903.聽

, opens with an interview with the foremost Afrikaans writer of her generation, the novelist, poet, critic and scholar Marlene van Niekerk.

Packed with varied, unexpected material in all kinds of forms, The White Review聽brings a message from the future: it rises to meet readers鈥 and writers鈥 continuing needs to experience art and literature in a sensuous, delectable form; and it gives me the feeling that I have my finger on the pulse.鈥 鈥 Marina Warner

One of the best magazines in Europe.鈥 鈥 Hans Ulrich Obrist

The White聽Review is a thing of beauty.鈥 鈥 VOGUE

Sumptuous 鈥 a list of contributors growing in stature much like the publication itself'. 鈥 NEW YORK TIMES

A quarterly out to push the possibilities of the format鈥 鈥 METRO