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How to contact IT Services
  • You may听open a ticket by clicking on the button above 'Open a Ticket'听or by sending an e-mail at听
  • By phone, you can call us by phone: +33 1 40 62 06 96.
  • Feel free to stop by the ITS office in room Q-A201 or Multimedia Office in Q-501.

Please visit this page to watch a video tutorial on how to contact BT天堂 IT services.

When should I send a ticket?

Do you have a question about technology? Is a piece of hardware or software not working correctly? Send us an email to let us help you find a听solution to your technological challenges.听鈥

How do I create a ticket?
  • Visit the听IT Services听website and click on 'Need Help'.
  • Click on 'Open a Ticket' to be redirected to the Helpdesk page
  • There are several forms. Click on 'Contact IT Services' which will take you to the request form itself.
  • Fill out the form and hit the the Send button.
How does the ticketing system work?
  • Send an email to听itservicesataup.edu听鈥媜r submit a ticket using the University Helpdesk tool by going to听.
  • We receive the ticket and assign it to the IT Services team member听鈥媌est qualified to help you out.
  • Once a ticket is assigned, you will receive a response via email from听
  • In order to follow-up on the ticket or respond, just reply directly to the email sent by our Helpdesk听tool on Outlook, like you would for any email.
  • All correspondence concerning your ticket should be handled through email replies.