Campus Security

The American University of Paris takes the safety of its community and visitors seriously. All members of the BT天堂 community are requested to show their BT天堂 ID card upon entering the facilities and an BT天堂 community member must accompany guests.

Information on emergency procedures and the reporting of crimes is included in the University's various handbooks and is available at each security desk.聽A list of emergency numbers聽is provided to all students during orientation and is available at all times at the Office of Student Development.

The local police, fire department, and ambulance services can be reached from any university phone in the event of an emergency.

Campus safety statement

The main goal of our campus safety policies is to ensure the safest possible environment for students, faculty, and staff in order to fulfill BT天堂鈥檚 mission. It seeks to protect all members of our community from potential threats to both their physical and mental well-being and their property, and to enforce French law.

Safety regulations

The University complies with all applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations set by French legislation. The campus safety responsibilities are shared by the University聽and the聽comit茅 d鈥檋ygi猫ne, de s茅curit茅, et des conditions de travail.

The office of student affairs is responsible for coordinating communication concerning campus safety:

  • In the event of a crime聽committed on campus and it being considered an imminent or continuing threat to the community, an alert would be sent to all students and employees via email by the dean of students or his designee in coordination with the office of human resources. The message would contain the date, time, precise location, alleged nature of the crime, and if appropriate, potential ways of reducing risk.
  • In the event of an emergency, the contingency plan would be put into effect under the authority of the President or his/her designee. The local police station would be notified and BT天堂 would benefit from the immediate support of the French police force.

In such an event, BT天堂 would use emails and text messages to cell phones to contact all students and employees, in addition to alerts and updates sent to BT天堂 email accounts and posted online. This is why it is essential that all students provide and update their biodata information and that staff provide full information to the office of human resources. Wherever possible, biodata information should include a French cell phone number (mass text messaging 鈥搕he quickest and most reliable way of informing interested parties of an emergency鈥搃s possible only when addressed to French cell phones).

The office of administrative services has the following safety duties:

  • sets up the emergency evacuation and fire drill procedures
  • coordinates mandatory safety inspections by the French authorities and implements their recommendations
  • ensures compliance with safety standards
  • monitors required tests of fire alarms, elevators, and fire extinguishers and implements any necessary corrections
  • determines the need for safety training sessions to be organized each year within the 鈥淧lan de Formation Continue鈥
  • coordinates the police and fire authorities鈥 intervention, in case of emergency

The office of human resources, in coordination with the CHSCT and the聽M茅decin du Travail聽is responsible for:

  • coordinating any changes that could improve the working conditions of University employees
  • liaising with the office of administrative services for the implementation of those changes

Safety rules related to specific jobs and positions in the University, as well as general principles in compliance with French labor legislation, are listed in the 鈥淩猫glement Int茅rieur鈥 (Company Rules).